I collected cockroaches and kept them in a corner most used by my cook, FIVE cockroaches later she still hadn’t noticed. I still kept her for 4 months after that.

Why do we fall for their act? Are we that desperate in the Bay?

In the Suburbs of Bandra, getting loyal, semi hard working staff is a huge problem.

No matter how much you pay or how much you do, they feel that you owe them. They expect more and more. In Bandra Mumbai their Salaries are more than teachers, plus meals and nap time included. Much more than us mothers get! But sadly it’s in their nature to use your home and your hospitality as a stop gap. Yes they have to Build their 9 bedroom house in the village,Dig the huge well, Buy the very expensive Bullock, save GOLD for their wedding, yes the regions they come from have severe drought. But if you dare mention Save Water, be careful at your HOME. Don’t let Taps run cos people don’t have water. The Look is that ‘ don’t tell me what to do cos I have to rush to my next job.

I have a large home, lots of construction around us so dust is everywhere. We have a dog that sheds hair. 4 in the family with different timings and now I have no help at all. Not for last month. I’m tired and it’s Hot but we manage. Kids and husband have been asked to help out. Won’t be held hostage by the Hellish House Help! No one should. They behave badly because they get away with it. When it doesn’t suit them, they leave. Child be damned, midst of our work crisis, looming exams. Their needs are always more. Cold Cash as much of it as they can squeeze, some even demand huge loans. loans that you and I couldn’t get from the Bank. I’m amazed at how they feel they can Just Ask. Maybe they should ask Mr.MODI. Cos we definitely are paying enough tax for something.

Santan,maid with Polio came through my cook. Same village on the outskirts of GOVA. I have a Duplex so I said it would be tough for her. But she needed work! 9.30am to 4pm. Cleaning and serving lunch to Kamal et Moi. 8,000/- First month she would arrive at 10am. Apparently it took her 1 hr from Bandra station to my home 1km away.To be on Time she asked for 500/- auto fare. Not that she would take an earlier train. Took her 4 hours to sweep swab my house and fold laundry. It didn’t matter, it was getting done. Served lunch washed dishes and slept till 3.30pm till daughter came home. She had to stand at our gate for the school bus and bring her up at 3.45pm. Cut mango, make Kamal tea and leave.

2 months in she has to go to the village. I requested her that school was on and Sons Birthday. She said 15 days on the 1st of May. And she will be back. I get a call yesterday 24th May I’m back and if you raise my salary to Rs 10,000/- I’ll come back. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I said Thank You but I will manage.

Vaishali Morning Cook. Came at 7.30am cooked in such a hurry she left dishes with food and oil stains. After she came Roaches arrived. Spent more in the one year on PSI just for kitchen than my whole house. How many times we requested less salt, less oil, less masala. Didn’t give a damn.

I think we get scared that we won’t manage.

Two days ago,Our chicken was raw in the curry and Kamal had enough of washing up after her. he would not walk into the kitchen, he would make his own Breakfast. She was out before he finished so either one had to wash his Breakfast plates.

I told her to come collect her salary after 9am knowing she has to be at her long term Pali Hill job at 10am. So much attitude she didn’t come or call.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I will buy a dish washer and pay house keeping to clean my house.

If you need to keep telling them to be clean, get off the phone, wake up before your child, stop wasting water, leaving lights and fans on, not segregating garbage, coming on time, killing of various family members before summer vacations. Then be warned…. ITS NOT GOING TO LAST!

Who do they think we are? I’m taking my power back! So should you!

Naturopathy- Allopathy

Its been a hellish 5 days and nights. Last Friday, 14 women met up to bring in a close friends 50th birthday. I was Cinderella that night, had to take the children for morning swim. Two drinks for the whole night spent at O bar. Any more and I knew that Saturday morning plan would have been a bust.

There was a lot to do on Saturday. Bathe Muddy. Angath’s haircut. Homework. My Blog for Waste Management and different concepts to film for raising awareness for WET and DRY waste. But I started to feel weird by Noon. By evening different parts of my body were complaining and I haven’t worked out in a month so it wasn’t that. Hands felt FAT. Feet were feeling sensitive to tread on. Left ear had a slight pain. Ignore. Ignore. Blame the April Heat in Mumbai. By Sunday the throbbing in the ear increased. I was flushing. Hot. Cold. Hot.Hot.Hot. Alarms went off. Children had big assessments this week. Sunday is no help day.

I sent Anju Venkat an SOS. She heads The Health Awareness Center. They are Naturopaths. In May,the Center closes for a month , I panicked. She is amazing. She fixes us. No medicines.Two days before, Angath, got an allergy on his right thigh from an ice pack. Yes, Ice left on too long can create COLD UTECARIA. Never seen it before. He had a muscle pull and icing was necessary. More Panic. Simple thing was to reach for antihistamine but Angath has taken No allopathic medicines for Last 4 years. He calls Anjama. She calmly says, “baby, rub an onion on the rash, and drink an onion shot!’ The extensive swim workouts have created lactic acid build up and this will release it. Boom! 10 minutes later not a trace on his leg.  I have followed her religiously. Naturopathy. This is the way for me.

Bad Ice. That’s what it was. I have been struck down by Bad Ice. Its very common. The two drinks that I had on Friday Night has left me lifeless and helpless. The searing pain in my left jaw. The raging fever. Not able to speak, or think, or move. Bad Ice.

SMS to Anjama. Feet in Hot water. Check. Lime-ginger-date for swelling.Check. Rose water towel on head, stomach, feet. Check. Turmeric and Honey. Check. The Pain is too much to bare. Tears fall in frustration. Children are dumbstruck. They complete their work in silence. They even wash their  Food Plates for The First day of my Illness. : )

Day 5 is where I am tested. I have woken up in my own drool cos I have no control over my left side. My hair is greasy and flaky. The pain has not subsided. I’m feeling Yellow with all the Organic Turmeric in my system. Angath has got a D in his Assessment. Leia is being Leia. District Swim Meet is in two days. I do not have the liberty to wait for myself to get better naturally. The world will not stop for me. Its not about believing that Naturopathy will help, it will Help, but today it’s not helping me Fast enough. There are no Pill boxes in our home. there are no medicine cupboards.BUT, Today I choose to get better faster.