Customer Care

Has anyone noticed how some Customer Care Centres have really Upped their game.? It only used to be Concierge at the Premier Online Banking Or Credit Card Depts that were polite and said in an Accent…’Please HOLD’….Thank you for Holding, Or Sorry for keeping you waiting….’
VFS visa service.Where all Visa paper work is checked before sent on to varius embassies… Extremely Polite, quick, informative, helpful and efficient. If you have followed the guidelines on your paper-work. Its Easy-Peasy. One hour in and out with Bio-metric.          IF you have your proper paper work. These Officers are educated, well spoken, well groomed and well taught. They have been told what to look for. Try convincing them otherwise… I have grinned and watched them politely return visa forms for Lack of Something…
Lightening stuck low and long 5 days ago in Mumbai. Everything stopped working. TV, NETFIX, Apple TV, WD BOX and TataSky.
Its summer holidays for us and that has got to be a mothers nightmare.
Tatasky Customer Care SUPERB, 3 hours later technician was over and problem solved. I was not to hand over any money, if at all it would be debited from my account. Thanked engineer and shook his hand.
Panasonic Customer Care..Somewhere down south, judging by the accent. Lodged my complaint, heard the urgency in my voice and gave me the service centre no to request technician today. I called the Mumbai No and said to please help me My LED was DED!          I had just registered the complaint. Mandakini said don’t worry she will get engineer to call ASAP and hung up. I didn’t have time to give my name, complaint no etc. I called back and politely said but you don’t know who I am. She says Kamal Sadanah, We will call you, complaint just came through.
There is a higher force training the people in the service industry.
Until I have a truly bad experience I Ain’t complaining…

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