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Early 40s. Mother of Two. Haus-Frau, driver, personal shopper, Investor, Finance Planner, Primary Account holder, Tax-payer. Has two wheeler and four-wheeler license. Can scuba dive, can Ski, can water-ski, can jog 8.7km without collapsing. Most important Loyal Friend!

The Flying Cooks of the Suburbs

Would you say that many factors lead to finding the right house help?

Location, Salary, Timings and of course Leave. Some would be silly enough to think these are what we look for when we interview staff for our home. In actual fact,this is what They look out for when they come to interview us..

I belong to a Suburban FB group that points out these errant, super smart House Help. Many have amazing super powers like vanishing into thin air, re-appearing as someone else. Many find countless ways of taking what doesn’t belong to them. Many have short term Remembory loss. Don’t know who or where their last employment was.

The have all been educated at the same School. They don’t know how to read and write but they love Whats App and use the most advanced android phones. The same School that teaches them that everyone that calls your phone is a relative with urgent village work. The same school that teaches you to choose Lux over Medimix, or Dove for hairfall over Garnier Frutus normal shampoo.

My latest plight is I had to let go of my cook of 5 years. She was older, had all the issues, that came with owning land in her village. A flat in Mira road, a daughter that went to Rizvi college. A father with alzheimer’s. Who finally passed away. May he rest in peace. BUT this didn’t bring peace to my home. Each week came with issues. With issues came hurried cooking. High flame cooking, lots of oil cooking, excess salt in everything. How many times can you give expensive boneless cubed Zorabian chicken away? How many times can you order in,as the food was just not edible. WE did it for nearly a year. Cos she had issues. She was a FLYING Cook that seemed to come to ours at the end of the day to ROOST! 5 cooking jobs to educate her daughter. To rebuild a fallen roof, to pay EMI on the AC. How could I let her go? How could I give her the added burden? BUT she just didn’t see it that way. She didn’t really Love us.

The last weekend, my birthday weekend, I was away for 4 days. She had to cook three dinners. She messed up two out of the three. I came back from a Spa trip and heard complaints galore. Gave her the cheque and said Thank you but It was enough. She seemed resigned that this was going to be the outcome. After all,every time she put too much salt or oil, she got to take the food home.

THE FLYING COOK is an amazing breed of men and women. Smart, quick, smooth talkers, polite when the want the job. They agree to everything that you say in that first uncomfortable 10 minutes. But you should know that they will do it there way. Its a working factory model. Tried and tested. I experienced my first brush with the New Age Flying Cook.

Fast Talking, Name Dropping, Punjabi Food making Indu. Having worked with Models she knew about Less Oil and cooking Bake, Shake, Grill, Shrill, Salad, Soup. Jackpot. Pay her what she wanted. Asked her to come at 7pm. She arrived at 7.30pm. She was Flying from Santa-Cruz. But Hey she could do it all and even keep the Man of the house happy with the promise of PUNJABI FOOD. Bajra roti, two vegetables and a dhal. I could smell the Ghee. But I could see the Glee on Angath face. Kamal too sick for a reaction. He got Khichdi. All Was WELL. God is Kind! She cleaned up and disappeared by 9.30pm.

Day 2. 7.30pm again. Kids were famished. In anticipation I had already made food for the children. She looks in the sink. Kamal tea cup 4 glasses Angu 3 Tiffany boxes and says          ‘ I won’t wash this. I will only wash my stuff.’ So I stood there and washed it while she watched me. By then I was giggling. Then she said buy another pressure cooker as you only have one! I said Ok! She made potato to put the beef I made for Angu and I tell her to put it on the table. She says Mai samaj Nahi aata.( I don’t understand what you are saying?) So I say ‘ Put the cutlets on a plate. You need to feed the children when they come.’

PAUSE and silence in the kitchen.
I go in and she is leaning over my NUTRIBULLET that is next to the Sumeet mixer and I say please move it aside so it doesn’t fall. She says ‘Arrey Yeh Saab mujhay nahi aata. Yeh mera Kaam nahi hai.’ ( Oh, I don’t KNOW how to do this kind of work)  So I said it’s Ok. No worries you clean up your mess and let me pay you for two days. She wanted Rs 500 per day for two bhaji dal and 8 rotis. I was not letting it happen. I said you didn’t cook any meat and you didn’t wipe all your dishes and put it away so I’ll pay you Rs 400/- . We politely smiled at each other. She offered me a Number  for another Cook, I politely declined and  she FLEW away.

Flight to Colombo

Sri Lanka. Paradise Island. My Home away from Home. It resurrects me.

It was my 44th birthday and all I wanted was to be away from the Hum Drum of my life.

No morning alarm for swim practice, No egg white sandwiches at 5 am, No school drop, No picking up after people, No breaking up arguments,No homework, No ordering one packet of milk. The list of a so called home-maker is always endless. Maybe its cos I’m 44 and I know what makes me happy I decided not to think of anyone else’s feelings but my own.

My birthday wish for myself was to Sleep when I wanted to, not because I had to. Eat Food that I grew up eating, made with the right amount of Spice, Coconut and Salt. Sri Lankan Crab Curry.The Smell of the Ocean, Sound of the Waves. Laze, Read, Drink Passion Fruit Cordial..Its the complete package.

Many would say Goa. BUT that’s not a holiday. It is our holiday home, its so close that the Familia Sadanah may have happily jumped at the idea of a vacation for themselves.

Sri Lanka with my Chuddi Buddis. My Pillars of Strength. The minimum requirement for this friendship club is 25 years. YUP!

My parents had come to Mumbai for Leia 10th b’day, I requested them to hang around so that I could have a Guilt-free, FOUR glorious SUN-FUN-FOOD-FILLED days for my 44th!

28th September Evening. Bags took 8 minutes to pack. Bikini, Shorts, Vests, Trouser, Two nice tops and Flip-Flops. And Reading Glasses.

After Back-packing with the children through Europe, I had no choice but to live by the example I was setting. Deals, Deals, Deals. Mumbai-Colombo-Mumbai Jet Airways economy was terribly cheap. 2 hour flight to Paradise. Small price to pay…  Or so I Thought!

Had to arrive 2 hours before. Heading to the airport 2 1/2 hours before.We got caught in the worst traffic jam at 4 Pm. Did not panic as I had checked in on-line. Jet Check-in was quick, but The Immigration queues were long on MY SIDE. I stood patiently. Smiling to myself. FREEEEEE. FREEEEEE. JUST MEEEEEEEEEE.

On Board. Aisle seat. My Only Other request apart from a Low Cal Meal.( LCM)              Middle seat was free with a satchel belonging to a rotund looking man. He had round cheeks, big round stomach which pushes that belly button button in his already tight shirt. I ignored him. Till I couldn’t……

After take-off as the flight was levelling, my co-passenger takes out two blue small cylinders. Places it on his table. Out comes a tiny zip-lock packet with white pills wrapped inside paper. My alarm bells go off. Such paraphernalia was very popular in Night-clubs in the 90s. What was going on?!!!

‘X-CUSE ME SISTAH!, Vat Whiskey? Please Gib me Double Double peg. It didn’t matter that the whiskey the flight attendant mentioned  was something I didn’t recognise. My eyebrows went up at the DOUBLE DOUBLE. This was larger than the Patiala Peg( please google)  The Attendant explained slowly. ‘ I will give you a Double and come back when you finish!’   I was impressed This was going to be fun. The man had PILLS, He had Snuff boxes and he just asked for DOUBLE DOUBLE. Best seat in the house!!!! As she continues her service, he swigs the drink. One go! Down, it was over.

Food service began immediately. He pulls out his pills and pops them. ‘X-CUSE ME IM FULL BHEGETARIAN. ESTRICT!  I bend my head down to start on my LCM of red rice and steamed chicken and he reaches for the call bell. I know its the Second DOUBLE that has yet to come. I’m chewing slowly. Meals in economy get over really fast.  He motions to the Attendant and says ‘ I told you DOUBLE DOUBLE now I cant INJOY -food has come.’ He berates her as he would his wife during dinner time! (Drink pehla lao, phir khanna types) She apologises and winks at me. I’m relieved. He was a heart-attack waiting to happen.

Cabin Lights, service is over, I settle under my blanket hoping to catch a small nap. I was heading straight to some serious Japanese food and Tequila. I see some shifting. The Man opens his two blue cylinders removes its contents and starts to grind them together in the palms of his hand.. after the clapping noise he puts the contents into his mouth. The smell of chewing tobacco at 33,000/- feet is nauseating. I’m a polite non-interfering traveller. My awareness campaign as Helmetgirlbandra hasnt reached tobacco so I chose to ignore. We had 45 mins left and PARADISE was awaiting me. But I am appalled at what he does next…

He reaches over to the Sick Bag, pulls it open, and goes PUCHECK. THOO THOO.

YUCK YUCK YUCK. He continues for the rest of the journey to use the bag as a SPITOON!

This was the last thing ingrained in my memory age 43…..



Backpacking with the Bratz LONDON



After much research, Etihad being the chosen airline for most economical and best route, I decided to confirm my accommodation. came up the winner. Best Deals in London, France, Spain. Eurolines and Alsa for Bus and Vueling for internal flights.

Note to self: Read the print. Rooms with free cancellation a must. I accidently booked two rooms in London. One in Mayfair and I found the cheaper one in South Kensington. OOppppps. Yup! I actually lost money. I begged, pleaded, emailed, spoke. Neither hotel would budge, so I had to forfeit one. That was when the Pound was Rs 98/- where was Brexit, when I needed it?

Do Not Book rooms or any tickets when you are tired. Keep a note pad ready.

When you make a reservation, Make sure they have Free Wi-Fi every-where and not just in the lobby.

All my bookings were for 28 days. I had to keep in mind that I had two children and many trains, buses and flights to catch. At 43, I know I suffer from short term ‘Remembary loss!’ I found myself opening multiple pages on my PC. Back-Forth. The note book really helped.

Once I made the bookings I printed out the confirmation sheets and put it in a folder. Actually two sets. In case I lost one. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy!!!!

Hadn’t been to the U.K in over 8 years. The visa fees being a huge deterrent as was the exchange for Indian Rupees to the Pound.

London was calling.. Hill-Walkers in Yorkshire, Santa Barbara Linds in London, G and her massive brood and my friend BBC 4 chatterbox Nikki Bedi. This was not where the back-packing started.

Flight was delayed at Abu Dhabi, when we finally reached Heathrow it was 8pm, so we Black Cabbed it to London. First time I watched the meter,Quietly calculating the exchange in my head. Promising not to cab it again. What kind of an example was I setting to the Bratz? Hopping into the first available mode of transport. We should have taken the Tube. Ha ha ha ha

It was smart decision, as the journey to London was 14 hours with the stopover. Finally arriving at our hotel at 9.30pm. The sun was out so we decided to explore. Around the corner, one block down, was pubs, restaurants, PAULS and Tesco. We were set. Best location EVER! Across the street was the Natural History Museum (we never went to it : )

4 days and nights in London. All 4 were spent at Hyde Park. Children played soccer and climbing trees.

Mothers bought water and snacks from The Serpentine every-day. (It had the restroom we customers could use) What was amazing was that each child would want to go to, Just as the other would come back. There would be times where one mum would walk back from the loo with a child and another Mum would leave with another child.

This happened a lot with Ice-Cream as well. Children can never make up their mind. And mothers should never say No to ice-cream if 2 out of 7 are having. It’s a losing battle. I realised SUGAR kept them going till you actually wanted them to crash. Yes Bad Mom! Mine were jet-lagged and needed to get as much in as they could in the 4 days and nights.

First day we had 7 children and 4 adults. It was a mammoth task getting hot, hungry tired kids to walk anywhere. So we tried the Black Cab. That only took 5. Sterling Pounds slowly disappearing. Then we Ubered. (on account) But July was the season for construction all over London. Road works everywhere. We spent more time between Red lights than actually eating or shopping.

After unnecessarily spending money sitting at traffic stops, you would think we would have learnt about the London traffic. We spent 160 Pounds for the HOP on HOP off bus. A complete waste of money to see the Sights of London. We lasted all of 45 mins of sitting in the open top double decker bus. The hot sun coupled with view of the backside wall of the Buckingham Palace got all the kids in a bad mood. So…

I decided we needed to economize and save time and do something Dangerous and Fun. Needed to get the adrenaline pumping again. We jumped off the Bus and Linds and Sadanahs were introduced to the Piccadilly Line (the blue line). 2 Adults, 2 Boys and 3 children free to squeeze through with the 2 adults.

If Helen had sanitizer, she would have used it everywhere. We formed a long single line. Children in between and they were divided, so siblings didn’t fight. Long long escalators followed by Noon rush, following all signs to Blue Piccadilly line. Adventure, excitement, nervous looks by our kids. By the time we got to our destination and I had counted all. (Yes every- time we got in or out of a train I had to count 2 adults and 5 kids.) Helen looked like one of her migraines had come on. This was going to be the end of The Linds’ Tube experience. We didn’t speak to each other for a while. I think she was going to use Bad Words but couldn’t. The 5 children were watching us both very closely. Just Silence…..


What I learnt was never take 7 Hungry children to Dim-Sum if you are hungry. They even ate the paper that came under the Paos. Our 7 behaved like we never gave them a full English Breakfast that morning. Our 7 ate our veg Dim-Sim as well. Our 7 couldn’t see us rolling our eyes at them cos they were digging their forks and chopsticks in to the server as she came to our table with more food. Our 7 ate 27 portions of Dim-Sum. We ate the Sauce that they didn’t like and drank jasmine tea.


If your child loves her Indian Food there is nothing you can do to dissuade her. 4 days in London and Bratz 2 ate 3 meals from The Kati Roll Co at Poland Street. Her God-Parent owns it. She got to drink tonnes of Mango Lassi and eat Chicken Unda rolls. It was easier to feed her what she wanted than argue. However, If Bratz 1 has just finished competing at the Nationals. You need to know that all the ice cream, Pizza, Butter Croissants, nutrella crepes, pop-corn, do-nuts, Ice tea, Fries that he consumed on Day 2 and 3 in London, would not know where to go. Bratz 1 had been gluten free, sugar free, junk free for 7 months leading up to The Swim nationals.      So Just as Helen and I left our kids in the Apartment to get some retail therapy. Bratz 1 got so sick that Lind teenager called concierge who called US and told us an Ambulance was going to be called. Imagine the panic, I was to leave in a few hours By Grand Central Rail to Yorkshire. And Helen thought child services would be called,even though we had a very responsible teenager overseeing 3 kids on their various devices. We Black Cabbed it home. Found Bratz 1 throwing up all the previously mentioned contents into the pot of a very Posh Serviced Apartment.

Quick Byes, Grabbed the boy, walked him through the fresh cold air. Made him a huge lime shot. Yes I carried my lime squeezer as well as two toilet bag of many different kinds of emergency naturopathic and allopathic remedies for any medical emergency that might befall the three of us.

And as we left for Yorkshire the next morning, how was I to know There were many emergencies to come in the next 24 days.

Backpacking With The Bratz-Primera Uno

SUMMER 2016 254

TWO months since my last post. It feels like trying to avoid returning a long overdue library book.

Why so long? Does anyone really care?

The whole of July, the children and I back-packed through Western Europe. We got back a day before school began first week August. Chaos and Jet-lag! A week later, father of the children went to Goa to write, week 3 in August I got a severe throat infection that had me laid up in bed and finally we are now in the present.

How time has flown! Do you feel that sometimes one day just rolls into another? Days into weeks. I have not procrastinated about writing about our Summer. I haven’t had the time. For those of you that followed us on social media. It felt exactly how it looked. This was my gift to our children. Enriching, Educational, Full of Cross cultural experiences, Fun, Exciting and Tiring. 4 countries,11 cities in 28 days

The Summer plan started off as a vacation destination for Leia to see her beloved Paris.

I had to do this in a Budget. Mid-Year always is a huge financial drain on our savings. Everything comes in at that time. Taxes, School fees, Bus fees, expenses for travel and accommodation if your child qualifies for the Swim Nationals. (HE DID!)

In March I began searching the sites., Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip. I consulted Thebackpackerco, TheVillaEscape, my travel agent East-West Tours and Travels. It was too much to co-ordinate. Kamal wasn’t sure when and where he would join due to work commitments. So I decided to do this on my own. This was slowly becoming a trip for 1 adult, 1 adult(12yrs) 1Child.I was going to book and try and get the Early-Bird Special on Everything. Rooms, planes, trains, buses. The only thing I didn’t get was Museum tickets and Hop-on Hop off Bus tickets. I didn’t know which day we were planning to do what especially when we were still in MARCH 2016.

Had Visa for London, hadn’t been since 2008. Destination 2 added to the plan. Wanted to see my school friend in Yorkshire and a god son I hadn’t ever met. Added bonus my god-daughter was visiting from Santa Barbara at the same time. Plus the Usual Summer gang from the Bay were going to be there. It was a win-win.

Angath decided he wanted to go to Camp Nou. So we had London, Yorkshire, Paris and Barcelona. I hadn’t seen Lexi in 16 years. She was in Barcelona. Opened the map, wondered how to break up this journey. I suffer from serious motion sickness, NO LONG journeys. Looked at Bordeaux. Love wine so Yes! Heard a lot about San Sebastian TIC….Then Bilbao, why miss the Guggenheim? It was looking better on the Map. Dizziness. Back and forth. Maps, Buses, Trains, distances if I drove. Parking if I drove.Come April I knew everything about the distance, the topography, the hotels and how close to the bus stations or train stations of Four countries. YUP! Ask me anything…….

Payal and Anil have decide to rent a Villa in Tuscany end July. The God-Parent of both my kids. I’m the God-Mother to their boy Rafae. Angath wished he had Yellow as his brother. Leia loves her Pishi. They insist we make our way to them from Barcelona. Love Toscana so Why Not! Figured I may need a Holiday at the end.

Couldn’t do ferry, cheap but 20 hours, couldn’t drive as it was too expensive to leave Spanish car in Italy. No train. So we get to stop at Cote D’Azur. It sounds so Cool! Cannes/Nice, Promanade D’Anglais. How was anyone to know what was to happen on French Republic day?

Nice to Italy and that was the last leg. Plan was made. Economy Airline tickets were watched. This was going to be the first of its kind for The Bratz. Aged 12years and 9 years. Backpacking in the true sense. Budget. Cheap. Careful with 2 euro bottles of water. Oh Yes! They were warned. Leia has done French in school she would handle the food, the metro and the sightseeing in France. Angath,Spanish student for 3 years would do the same in Spain. There was to be no shopping only what was in the Backpacks. If they bought, they carried. We would drop a Star rating in our accommodation. from 3 star to Hostels and even sleep in a Park for the day. They Agreed.

By April I started systemizing the clearing off The Trip. First my credit card bookings. In May I had cleared my airline tickets. In June I paid our Europe internal rail and bus tickets. When we left on the 4th of July I had to only pay for foreign exchange. This really took the financial burden off.

On 4th of July, when the three of us arrived 2 ½ hours before check in at Etihad Airways Counter. None of us knew what was in store for us. I had no idea how this month would change us.

It’s the Journey not the Destination….Right?


Coming soon Part Deux…. Helmetgirlbandras’ Summer 2016

Inspiration from The Daughter of A Sex-Worker!

‘Randi Ke Beti, Rande Hee Banega!’ I instantly looked up at the Speaker. Crudely translated Daughter of a Prostitute will only be a Prostitute!

She was 5 feet tall and came to share her story at the recently held Expresso Talks.This is a platform for people to share their inspirational journey.

A Blind Adventure-Seeker, or just someone who doesn’t see being Blind as a disability. A young vibrant beautiful woman slips, coming out of a nightclub and is wheelchair ridden, A 13 year old  who started a Free Library to inspire people to read, A old taxi driver that ferries ill or accident victims for free to the emergency ward, an artist who nearly got arrested for using his Art to create awareness to corruption, global warming and the Actor Comedian who makes it his mission to keep people laughing. In this Inspirational Group was Helmetgirlbandra.I wanted to take off my Helmet and slip-out. I felt I had nothing to offer anyone with this Power-Packed  Panel of Speakers.

She was the Surprise Guest. She opened just before me.She came with her mentor Bani from Kranti and a whole bunch of young girls. Kranti rescues the Daughters of  Kamatipura Sex-Workers (Randi’s). They provide them with an education so they can be self sufficient, so they don’t need to follow their Mother’s footsteps.

Her opening statement was bold and heart-wrenching. She had our full attention. The Venue was filled with people craning their necks to look at this Petit childlike creature with a Kamatipura ( Mumbai Red Light District) American Twang. She was cheeky and very matter of fact about the sexual abuse she had to endure from her step father, the racial discrimination she had to face because of her dark skin colour and the worst was her home address. Kamatipura.She was born into this little village. This is all she knew. Her mother is a prostitute and that was to be her future too.

She was rescued by the organisation Kranti. They provided her with sense of stability and an education. She received a scholarship to an American University. She is 21 years old and receiving one award after another in the States. Her motivation is to Make Lots of Money. Get a big Job and come back to Kamatipura and have a Cafe for the Children there. She wants to feed The Children of the Sex-Workers..

There were many young girls that accompanied her.They were friendly, giggly, shy, ready to click SELFIES, but as I reluctantly left their Group Hug I felt deep sadness. Not all will be so Fortunate!

Customer Care

Has anyone noticed how some Customer Care Centres have really Upped their game.? It only used to be Concierge at the Premier Online Banking Or Credit Card Depts that were polite and said in an Accent…’Please HOLD’….Thank you for Holding, Or Sorry for keeping you waiting….’
VFS visa service.Where all Visa paper work is checked before sent on to varius embassies… Extremely Polite, quick, informative, helpful and efficient. If you have followed the guidelines on your paper-work. Its Easy-Peasy. One hour in and out with Bio-metric.          IF you have your proper paper work. These Officers are educated, well spoken, well groomed and well taught. They have been told what to look for. Try convincing them otherwise… I have grinned and watched them politely return visa forms for Lack of Something…
Lightening stuck low and long 5 days ago in Mumbai. Everything stopped working. TV, NETFIX, Apple TV, WD BOX and TataSky.
Its summer holidays for us and that has got to be a mothers nightmare.
Tatasky Customer Care SUPERB, 3 hours later technician was over and problem solved. I was not to hand over any money, if at all it would be debited from my account. Thanked engineer and shook his hand.
Panasonic Customer Care..Somewhere down south, judging by the accent. Lodged my complaint, heard the urgency in my voice and gave me the service centre no to request technician today. I called the Mumbai No and said to please help me My LED was DED!          I had just registered the complaint. Mandakini said don’t worry she will get engineer to call ASAP and hung up. I didn’t have time to give my name, complaint no etc. I called back and politely said but you don’t know who I am. She says Kamal Sadanah, We will call you, complaint just came through.
There is a higher force training the people in the service industry.
Until I have a truly bad experience I Ain’t complaining…


I collected cockroaches and kept them in a corner most used by my cook, FIVE cockroaches later she still hadn’t noticed. I still kept her for 4 months after that.

Why do we fall for their act? Are we that desperate in the Bay?

In the Suburbs of Bandra, getting loyal, semi hard working staff is a huge problem.

No matter how much you pay or how much you do, they feel that you owe them. They expect more and more. In Bandra Mumbai their Salaries are more than teachers, plus meals and nap time included. Much more than us mothers get! But sadly it’s in their nature to use your home and your hospitality as a stop gap. Yes they have to Build their 9 bedroom house in the village,Dig the huge well, Buy the very expensive Bullock, save GOLD for their wedding, yes the regions they come from have severe drought. But if you dare mention Save Water, be careful at your HOME. Don’t let Taps run cos people don’t have water. The Look is that ‘ don’t tell me what to do cos I have to rush to my next job.

I have a large home, lots of construction around us so dust is everywhere. We have a dog that sheds hair. 4 in the family with different timings and now I have no help at all. Not for last month. I’m tired and it’s Hot but we manage. Kids and husband have been asked to help out. Won’t be held hostage by the Hellish House Help! No one should. They behave badly because they get away with it. When it doesn’t suit them, they leave. Child be damned, midst of our work crisis, looming exams. Their needs are always more. Cold Cash as much of it as they can squeeze, some even demand huge loans. loans that you and I couldn’t get from the Bank. I’m amazed at how they feel they can Just Ask. Maybe they should ask Mr.MODI. Cos we definitely are paying enough tax for something.

Santan,maid with Polio came through my cook. Same village on the outskirts of GOVA. I have a Duplex so I said it would be tough for her. But she needed work! 9.30am to 4pm. Cleaning and serving lunch to Kamal et Moi. 8,000/- First month she would arrive at 10am. Apparently it took her 1 hr from Bandra station to my home 1km away.To be on Time she asked for 500/- auto fare. Not that she would take an earlier train. Took her 4 hours to sweep swab my house and fold laundry. It didn’t matter, it was getting done. Served lunch washed dishes and slept till 3.30pm till daughter came home. She had to stand at our gate for the school bus and bring her up at 3.45pm. Cut mango, make Kamal tea and leave.

2 months in she has to go to the village. I requested her that school was on and Sons Birthday. She said 15 days on the 1st of May. And she will be back. I get a call yesterday 24th May I’m back and if you raise my salary to Rs 10,000/- I’ll come back. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I said Thank You but I will manage.

Vaishali Morning Cook. Came at 7.30am cooked in such a hurry she left dishes with food and oil stains. After she came Roaches arrived. Spent more in the one year on PSI just for kitchen than my whole house. How many times we requested less salt, less oil, less masala. Didn’t give a damn.

I think we get scared that we won’t manage.

Two days ago,Our chicken was raw in the curry and Kamal had enough of washing up after her. he would not walk into the kitchen, he would make his own Breakfast. She was out before he finished so either one had to wash his Breakfast plates.

I told her to come collect her salary after 9am knowing she has to be at her long term Pali Hill job at 10am. So much attitude she didn’t come or call.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I will buy a dish washer and pay house keeping to clean my house.

If you need to keep telling them to be clean, get off the phone, wake up before your child, stop wasting water, leaving lights and fans on, not segregating garbage, coming on time, killing of various family members before summer vacations. Then be warned…. ITS NOT GOING TO LAST!

Who do they think we are? I’m taking my power back! So should you!