Monday Morning Blues

Wish it could have been Nina Simone playing in my head at 5am. But it was just a  dull drone…Was it the Grey Goose/soda at the Otters Sundowner.? ( so much fun!!!) Or the fact that i Helmetgirl spent 2 hours there with her friends. Im already thinking how long will i be able to attend parties as Helmetgirlbandra without getting sweaty scalp? I have woken up for angaths swim with such a crazy head ache. Im blaming the Vodka Soda. i don’t drink this combination and I’m sure with all the photo ops at the party, i had many.

1st of Feb 2016. time to kick lazy maid butt. I have been leaving dead baby roaches in a very prominent spot in the kitchen. 4 days and now the count was 4 baby roaches. today was pay day and even then she missed it. When i showed it to her, she shrugged and said ‘ Kya, inna chota , may dekha nahi.’ so now i have to kill bigger roaches and leave them around so she knows that she’s not cleaning properly. Kamal is like ‘ Baby, the kitchen is so dirty.’ I reply’ Kay, i wipe it down every day with Vinegar( my mama taught me this ), I use CIF to make the stainless steel shine. i pour detail into the lizol. Im already cleaning 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms on my hands and knees…( photos to follow) i can’t clean up after the cook. Does he know if he would just growl at her once it will work.

Saw Airlift. 9.45am. wow. Unni Menon and his wife are friends. It has taken him a long time to get here. Priya Seth The DOP, she’s a GIRL CameraMan 🙂 i love. i hope she can buy her apartment now.. what a well made, slick film to watch at that hour. Its not easy to watch any film at that hour.If there is a movie about helmetgirlbandra sweeping, swabbing, cooking, shopping i would want her to shoot my film. the audience were young hormonal couples and old married couples. 2 gentlemen missed 10 mins after the interval cos they had long Soo Soo breaks. I know cos i was waiting to take pictures. One elderly lady just refused till her husband came back. Im not sure what she thought i was going to do. But my aim is not to scare people to Death but to make them Smile.





Sundowners at Otters club

Contemplated if I should go. It’s Sunday children need to get ready for school.

My husband was spending a chilled evening with his Bff at the Otters club sundowners( yes they get to have them) but I was expected. He didn’t want to explain why I hadn’t made an appearance.

I went. It was fun. Great music. Fab view from the Terrace. Lots of fun people and I rocked from 6.30 to 8pm. Back of my head I knew children had to be Fed!


Sunday should be Rest day

Im not sure who would read this. I don’t know how much i can add onto your already filled lives. Maybe i can bring a smile onto your face?

Have i gone mad? do i have lice? how long will this last? For those of you who know me, is this honestly the craziest thing that i have done?

My husband is my first follower. Does that mean i have to be careful of what i say and what i do?

All families hope that Sunday is the rest day. But it is childrens breakfast day, followed by family lunch day, followed by movie day, finishing homework day.. and the big one NO STAFF day.

In Mumbai( i wanna say Bombay) nearly every nanny, cook, driver comes from Bihar/Orissa. And all of them are Christian/Catholic/Protestant. They follow Baby Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, maybe any of the families/relatives mentioned in the Bible. Catholic and Protestant/Anglican they all go to the same churches in Bandra/ Andheri/ Chembur. They all go out for the whole of SUNDAY. Thats a lot of Praying!!!

How much rest do you honestly get? For those not living in India, who do not suffer from dust , lucky you. People with children that are well trained to pick up after themselves. Lucky you. For those that have beautiful paths and mountains nearby to have a sunday picnic. Lucky you..

I am Helmetgirlbandra and my superpower is that with all this i will still find time to make you smile…




girl power or just a bored mom?


laundry day



always in queue for Dosa



Starbucks after workout



Mani-Pedi facial at Coleens Salon



Sunday Breakfast with my boy


Juhu Beach corner. I had my License, Insurance, PUC and Helmet, so i took a picture with the Traffic Police of Mumbai


Pani Poori, Light indian snack


V- Ups with my Crossfit Boyz